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Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®

the original Kids' Holiday Shop . . .

Welcome to Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®,


Since 1989, Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®, along with the help of concerned  educators and parents, have provided millions of elementary age school children with the opportunity to select special gifts for members of their families and get that feel good feeling when mom, dad or other family members opens their special gift.


With the Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® you give your children the opportunity to have fun as they put their math skills to work in a real life situation of budgeting while they shop.


Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®,  the original Kids in-school Holiday Shop, has spent the last 25+ years working to make you and your volunteers' job easy and fun.


With Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® your group makes no investment and takes no risks -- you only pay for what you sell after you have sold it.


Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® provides you with all the tools to make your shop run smoothly -- Advertising, Posters, Table Cloths, Price Tents, Gift Wrap, Gift Bags, Tote Bags, Free Use of a Cash Register and more.  (See below)


And best of all, all this is available to you through our local family owned company and our team is ready to do our part in providing your PTA or PTO with the Nation's best Holiday Shop.



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Local Service Representatives

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FREE use

of a Real Cash Register

no more having to use your personal phone or the schools equipment.



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Photo of the Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes Chairperson's step by step guide for a Holiday Shop Chairperson
Photo of a Bi-Lingual Kids' Korner"Watch For" Flyer, which is supplied for each student in the school
Photo of the Bi-Lingual Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes Watch For Flyer, which is given to each student in the school.

A  Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® step by step guide for your Holiday Shop Chairperson.

A Bi-Lingual Kids' Korner® "Watch For" Flyer for each Student in your school.

A Bi-Lingual Kids' Korner® "Watch For" Flyer for each Student in your school.

Photo of large cloth Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes coming soon Banner
Photo of large cloth Kids Korner Has arrived Banner

A large 3' x 5' Cloth Kids' Korner® Banner to hang outside advertising that your Holiday Shop will arrive at your school soon.

A large 3' x 5' Cloth Kids' Korner® Banner to hang outside advertising that your Holiday Shop is at your school.

Photo of cloth Kids' Korner door panel

A large 5' Kids Korner® Door Panel for the door to your shop.

Photo of aKids Korner Heavy Duty Tote Bag

Heavy Duty Tote Bags

to carry gifts home in.


Photo of Kids' Korner Gift Guide envelopes
Photo of a Kids Korner Table Cloth on a table

A Kids Korner® gift guide envelope for each student so parents can help their child budget their purchases.

Colorful Kids Korner® Tablecloths for your tables.

Photo of a Kids' Korner Cash Register
Photo of 4 of Kids Korner's exclusive Gift Wrap stype Gift Bags

A loan of a Kids' Korner® Pre-Programmed

Cash Register.


You don't have to provide your own personal Cell Phone and printer with Kids' Korner®


Kids Korner's® exclusive Gift Wrap style Laser Design Gift Bags for each gift.

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